What People Are Saying about Orthodox Afterlife

What People Are Saying about Orthodox Afterlife
June 20, 2016 stmabbeypress

What People Are Saying

  • "Impressive! It will open your eyes—as it did mine—to a whole new level of understanding of what life after death will be like."

    Fr. Anthony Messeh

    Priest, St. Timothy and St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church, Arlington, VA
  • “A superb job of illuminating some of the most difficult and mysterious aspects of death and the afterlife. . . . Quite edifying.”

    Fr. James Guirguis

    Priest, Antiochian Orthodox Church, and author, “Ask for the Ancient Paths”
  • “A comprehensible treatment of the Orthodox Church’s views. . . . Heaven is indeed for real—but not everyone will end up there.”

    Katherine Hyde

    Editor and author
  • “It will be read by Orthodox believers as a familiar and reassuring teaching for the faithful.”

    Dr. Thomas C. Oden

    Former Professor of Theology, Drew University, author, and general editor, “Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture”
  • “In this refreshing study we find that a surprising and startling picture emerges: the afterlife . . . ‘experiences’ . . .  are remarkably consistent. . . . Far from speculative—they suggest an underlying and almost overwhelming unity with both Scripture and the Church Fathers.”

    Fr. Daniel Fanous

    Priest, Coptic Orthodox Church, Author of “Taught by God," and Dean & Lecturer in Theology/New Testament, St Cyril's Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Sydney, Australia
  • "In these days of moral relativism ... a much needed antidote to the lethal error that there is nothing to fear after death for anyone.... A treasure trove of our Tradition."

    Fr. Lawrence Farley

    Archpriest, Orthodox Church in America, and author, “Orthodox Bible Study Companion” series
  • “The descriptions of Paradise and Hades are fascinating and should serve as reminders for us all to strive to live holy lives."

    Fr. Anastasi St. Antony

    Hegumen and steward, St. Antony Monastery, Newberry Springs, CA