Volunteer Opportunities

Our new publishing organization will not achieve its potential without the help of volunteers who can offer any amount of  their time to assist in the press’s efforts. Below you will find a list of roles needing volunteers.


Any amount of time you can commit to

While we would love to have volunteers who can dedicate substantial time to our publishing efforts, we invite you to commit to the amount of time which you know you can actually offer. Whether it is 1 hour a day, a week, a month, let us know what you can commit to and we won’t ask for more than what you can give.


Short-term commitments okay

If you are interested in serving short-term, such as for a week, or a month, or a few months, etc., please reach out to us and we will see what projects you may be able to help us in.


How to apply

If you are interested in volunteering for the press, please submit your resume and also a cover letter indicating (1) the role you seek, (2) why you are a good fit for that role, and (3) the amount of time to which you can commit. Please list 2 or 3 references, including your father confessor. If you have any issues producing a resume or any of the other requirements, please reach out to us anyways and we will determine if we can accommodate.

To reach us email us at admin@stmabbeypress.com


We are seeking someone who can commit enough time to market the publishing company and its products. The goal of this role is to let ensure people know about the press by giving it a presence in people’s minds, and to encourage the purchase of our product offerings. Example duties of this role include:

  • Contacting Coptic bookstores around the diocese, and then maybe around the globe, and creating a list of bookstores you can rely on to purchase new book releases.
  • Ensure that conventions and retreats, especially in the diocese, have some sort of presence for the press, such as a table with a display and product offerings that people can purchase and/or subscribe to.
  • Set up marketing campaigns before the release of new products.
  • Assist authors with book signings and/or other events or means of getting people interested and exciting about new book releases.

The person in this role will interface between the press and customers. Any customers who seek anything from the company will come to you first, and if needed will be redirected to the right person to assist. Duties include:

  • Filtering all emails received at the press and directing them appropriately.
  • Taking orders from bookstores and fulfilling them.
  • Managing customer questions about offerings.
  • Handling any customer issues that are presented.

After all the hard work in getting text ready for print, layout and graphic design presents the final package in the most appealing and inviting manner for the consumer, encouraging them to take a look at our products. We need people who have skills and experience with InDesign and/or Photoshop at minimum. This role can include some or all of the following:

  • Designing book and/or magazine covers.
  • Creating layouts in InDesign of books and/or magazines
  • Designing images, banners, flyers, and other items that assist in marketing efforts.

If interested, please provide (in addition to what is requested in the “How to apply” section above) examples of your work whether in InDesign or Photoshop.

Our books and magazines will benefit greatly by individuals who submit quality photographs for inclusion in those offerings. We would look to the photographer to capture Christian images and other creative photos that suit a particular book or article title. Individuals in this role will collaborate with marketing as well as layout and graphics designers to assist them in their functions.

Often we require someone who can spend time listening to a recording of a sermon and type out a transcription of what they hear. This role is how we produced the Orthodox Christian Bible Commentary Series. This is more than just plain transcription, but also takes some skill in how to refrain from adding repeated material and making sure you stick as close to the original words as possible.

When a manuscript or other written work is being produced, it requires dedicated time to ensuring that the work is of the utmost textual quality, in terms of grammar, syntax, and other writing conventions. Editors review and revise text to ensure readability and quality. Enough cannot be said about the pivotal role editors have in the publishing process. If interested, the process to achieve this role will include an “editing assessment” whereby you are given a style guide and asked to edit a document that requires revision.