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    Fundamentals of Christianity Volume 1: From the Alexandrian Fathers on Trinitarian Theology

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    Fundamentals of Christianity Volume 1: From the Alexandrian Fathers on Trinitarian Theology By Fr. D. Abba Moses  
    About the Book In this first volume of the Fundamentals of Christianity series, you will find a compilation of quotations from the Alexandrian Fathers of the early Church on the subject of Trinitarian Theology, collected and organized in outline form by Fr. D., a monk from the St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey (a monastery of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States).
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    Heaven: A Coptic Orthodox Christian Perspective

    Heaven: A Coptic Orthodox Christian Perspective By Bishop Youannis  
    About the Book Heaven is the aim of all mankind. Our hearts long to attain it. We fervently hope to possess it. We struggle to reach it and be blessed by it. Contemplation on the glories of heaven and what awaits its saints gives those who struggle for it a spiritual push forward and makes them forget all their toils. In this English translation of the classic book, "Heaven," originally written in Arabic and derived from a series of sermons by His Grace Bishop Youannis of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Late Bishop of Gharbia, Egypt and its Suburbs, we find answers to many common questions about heaven: Will God continue to be merciful as people know Him to be? Will God allow everyone, without any expectations, to enter heaven? What will people do in heaven? Will the saints go straight to heaven after they leave their bodies? What happens after man dies? Will Christ truly come indeed a second time? What will He do?   About the Author While living a life of monasticism at the Monastery of the Syrians in Egypt (Dair al-Surian), Bishop Youannis was ordained on December 12, 1971 to serve as bishop over Gharbia, Egypt, and its suburbs (also known as Tanta and its vicinity), He served as a personal secretary of the blessed saint Pope Kyrillos VI, and was tasked with teaching about Church history and rituals, among other subjects, in the theological seminary in Cairo (El Eclerekia). He departed this life on November 4, 1987.