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    Dialogue with the Divine

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    Pope Shenouda III is a treasure chest. Oh, if one could peek inside! This book is exactly the vent through which we can peek into his soul. Here we taste the sweetness of his God-centered life through his dialogues with God. We cannot say that we can see the full scope of his intimate relationship with God, but for a moment we can feel and share in this longing for unity with the Lord, speaking to Him from his heart, debating with Him, discussing with Him, and begging Him. This book certainly can teach a person how to pray: how to have a dialogue with the Divine. His Holiness Pope Shenouda III began holding weekly spiritual meetings since the 1960s when he was ordained a bishop, and so the contents of this book are gleaned from as early as those meetings and his various publications, spanning over 50 years of intimate conversations with God. We pray that this book inspires the readers to a deeper relationship with the Divine.