Shipping Policy

What do we ship?
Unless otherwise specified, all products are available for shipment, so long as they are available for sale.

When do we ship?
We do our best within a brief order processing period (about 48 hours). Some orders may require 5 business days to process. Any extenuated delays will be communicated to customers as best as we can.

Where do we ship to?
We ship globally.

How do we ship?
We ship by a variety of methods, in order to minimize costs for the customer without sacrificing the safe arrival of your product.

Rates to ship?
Excluding bulk orders, rates for shipping are calculated by charging are a flat rate plus an additional charge per item. For bulk orders, including bookstore orders, shipping is calculated per order, and customer will be notified of the total cost prior to any purchase.

How to track an order that’s been shipped?
At this time we do not offer order tracking.